A divorce is the “cherry on top of the cake”. A judge will not likely grant a divorce until they know all other issues have been finalized. For example, if child support is not being paid, a judge will want an explanation as to why. If support should be paid, a judge may not grant the divorce until all parties have a Separation Agreement and/or Court Order on that issue.

For a simple divorce (ie: you already have a Separation Agreement or Court Order in place), I charge a flat fee. If you do not have a Separation Agreement or Court Order in place, my fee may vary depending on what issues need to be finalized and the process which you choose to finalize them (ie: collaborative law vs. traditional court litigation).

To Begin The Process For Divorce

  1. Contact my office to book an initial consultation. When you attend my office for the initial consultation, please ensure you have your original marriage certificate. If you do not have one, you can order it online at: http://orgforms.gov.on.ca
  2. The proper paperwork will be served on your ex spouse and filed with the Superior Court of Canada on your behalf.

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